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Re: [Ayttm-users] ayttm 0.2.1

From: Colin Leroy
Subject: Re: [Ayttm-users] ayttm 0.2.1
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:33:12 +0100

On 23 Feb 2003 at 11h51, Ben Reser wrote:


> > Thanks ! However ayttm.spec is a generated file from ayttm.spec.in;
> > could you fix this one instead ? 
> Well really it's something that should be fixed in the build not the
> spec.  (BTW I'm the packager for ayttm for Mandrake).  If you fix it in
> the Makefile then there's no need to mess with the spec file. :)

I don't think spec files are built up from Makefiles... But anyway, it
appears Philip had fixed the spec file on the 20th Jan - just after last
release ;-)

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