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[Ayttm-users] ayttm window resizes automatically

From: Rahul Saxena
Subject: [Ayttm-users] ayttm window resizes automatically
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 23:49:42 +0530

Hello there,

Ayttm window automatically resizes to accomodate the length of a nickname on 
MSN. I dont know if other people have experienced this, but its quite 
irritating, especially if you have friends whos nicknames ( friendsly names ) 
*are*  sentences.

It ofcourse does not happen if i change the Account name to a shorter one, 
but then as we show the actualy friendly names, maybe we can have horizontal 
scroll on the main window. 

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                -- Clare Booth Luce, quoted in "The Wit of Women"

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