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[Ayttm-users] ayttm constantly rewriting contacts...unusable while doin

From: Michael Gurski
Subject: [Ayttm-users] ayttm constantly rewriting contacts...unusable while doing so
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:54:52 -0500
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I've noticed a problem trying to migrate (finally!) from everybuddy to
ayttm, that's making ayttm practically unusable.  Copying over my
contacts and account files, if I select a "login all", or attempt to
login to more than 1 Yahoo! account, ayttm seems to go into some
infinite loop, writing and rewriting the contacts file repeatedly,
until I eventually just kill the process, leaving the contacts file in
some partially-written state.

This was happening with the latest CVS version of ayttm as of
approximately 1600UTC yesterday, with nothing (obvious) in any of the
debug output.  Only "accounts", "contacts", and "logs/" were copied
from my EB directory.

Has anyone else seen this, or have some idea?


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