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[Beaver-devel] Beaver is a great program

From: Tom Dignan
Subject: [Beaver-devel] Beaver is a great program
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 21:28:28 -0500


I would just like to thank you (the developers) for your work on such
a great program. Beaver is the first editor I have used that I have
been completely satisfied with. It is lightweight and efficient,
however doesn't require you to learn a lot before you can edit fast
with it. I have been using beaver since I heard about the program
which was probably around 2.*. I have also done some programming with
gtk for fun and have been programming in C/C++ for about a year now. I
am between high school and college (staring in spring) and have a lot
of free time so if theres anything I can do to help this project I
would be glad to do it.

I know beaver is really a simple editor, so enjoying the program this
much might seem a little awkward. However I think that there are not
enough simple editors that are this powerful. It has the keybindings
for moving through the file quickly, and also has tabs, which are
easily my favorite thing about any program. Aside from all of that
though, thanks for your work on such a great program, if there is
something I could do to contribute. Please let me know.


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