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Re: [Beaver-devel] GtkUiManager upgrade commited

From: Tobias Heinzen
Subject: Re: [Beaver-devel] GtkUiManager upgrade commited
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 14:02:00 +0200
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Double 12 wrote:
I have commited the GtkUiManager upgrade to interface.c to the CVS. We still have to edit other files and modify a lot of things in interface.c to make everything work.
Look at those points:

    * In the old situation, all actions when clicking a menu item were
      concentrated in the function menu_items_treatment. Depending on
      the argument given, a different function was called, like
      save_file() or open_file().
      In GtkUiManager, callbacks for menu items can't have arguments.
      So a seperate function for every menu item has to be made. I
      already did this for a lot of menu items, with names like
      info_clicked(). *But not all menu items have a callback function
      yet. *So I hope someone can make more's actually
      just rewriting the code from menu_items_treatment to a seperate
    * The function toolbar_set_sensitive causes a GTK-critical warning
      about something "not being a container". Probably this happens
      because the toolbar isn't properly packed in HandleBox.
      After hours of searching, I still can't find the cause. Maybe
      someone else can take a fresh look at it.
    * I disabled the popup-feature because it still uses
      GtkItemFactory. But probably there are more functions that are
      old and need to be changed

to find features that are still using deprecated functions you can uncomment the -D*_DISABLE_DEPRECATED options in the Makefile. If you then use "make -k" (the -k options continues compiling even if errors occur) you should see which files are using deprecated functions. the 3 files I refactored so far (msgbar.c/completion.c/conf.c) should not cause any errors. a lot of errors are probably in the tools.c but this will get removed anyway (I will create a plugin for those tools).

can you commit "standard.xml". This file does not exist on the CVS and therefore I'm unable to start beaver.

I also commited the plugin base system. all it does for now is loading plugins from the home directory and displaying some information in the console. There's a sample plugin in the plugins directory. just do "make" and then a "make install_local" to install the plugin in the home directory. later also the directory where beaver was installed to, get's inspected for plugins.

the next step is to program the API for the plugins. After that i will work on a interface to activate/deactivate plugins. so still some work to do ^^


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