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Re: [Beaver-devel] beaver API

From: Double 12
Subject: Re: [Beaver-devel] beaver API
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 21:50:36 +0200
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It's not that much of a problem to edit interface.c ;) maybe I exaggerated it a bit. You're even invited to help me improve it =D but I know you're busy with the plugins. I haven't been working on Beaver for a few days, because I am also working on eNjoy (, a new project of mine. I think it would still be a good idea to update our local copy of Beaver regularly from the CVS, so we get all the changes other developers make. I see you did a lot of work on the api functions, you already made a beaver.h header to include and doxygen comments. And the functions a kind of OO (get/set) ^^. I think the functions you thought of are the most important ones, I can't think or more at the moment. Maybe if we think of some possible plugins, we will also find the API functions needed for them. For example: color picker, extra highlighting languages, CVS/SVN-access, patch-creator(diff).

If we are creating our own message boxes, maybe we could also add Beaver artwork to them. If we had a designer, that person could design a stylish Beaver-head-with-exclamation-mark and Beaver-head-with-question-mark for those boxes.
I know this is just a small detail, but I love those small details.

I'll try to change some message boxes to the Beaver API message boxes.


Tobias Heinzen schreef:
Hello all

I finished writing some API functions. There are the 8 functions so far:

void beaver_box_message
void beaver_box_error
gint beaver_box_question
gint beaver_menu_add_item
void beaver_menu_remove_item
void beaver_text_insert_string
gchar* beaver_text_selection_get
void beaver_text_selection_set

If you got ideas for functions, let me know i will implement those. we have to make sure that we use these api functions also in our code (this will reduce code duplication) and we can change the implementation later more easier. As you can see, I've added function for removing and adding menu items, yay ^^

I also had to change 2 lines of code in interface.c (sorry they were needed). one is to call plugin_init right before entering into main look (gtk_main). the other change was "moving" the standard.xml file into a virtual resource dir. this change was necessary so that there's no error when installing the application (as happened before with the pixmaps). I would also recommend to put a sample config and wordfile into this "resource directory" and copy them into the users config dir if they need them (so far they get generated, and that's using up space in beavers binary file and thus increasing memory footprint).

To not receive any errors when testing the application configure the application with /tmp as prefix (eg. run "./configure --prefix=/tmp") and then a "make install". this will install beaver into the temp directory, that means that you have to do a "make install" every time you reboot your computer, but at least you do not change anything on your current installation.

Next step for me is: Plugin Manager ^^ (no worries, don't have to change interface.c)


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