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[Beaver-devel] Printing support

From: Double 12
Subject: [Beaver-devel] Printing support
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2008 00:16:25 +0200
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I'm a bit tired of the printing support in Beaver. You already told it would be hard, and that's true. ^^
The draw_page function:

  1. Has to stop when 64 lines are reached. Then the page is full. The
     next time draw_page runs, it has to carry on at the character
     where the previous draw_page stopped.
  2. Has to add a newline when lines are longer than 75 characters
     (because otherwise, characters will be printed outside the margins).

The second point succeeded (I think), but the first point is still very hard to get done. And then there's still the problem that the new string I made to contain the formatted text (doc->ftext), is not really accepted by pango_layout_set_text.

I think I'll give the printing a rest and carry on working on the plugins.

Double 12

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