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Re: [beaver-devel] interface.c update

From: Tobias Heinzen
Subject: Re: [beaver-devel] interface.c update
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 15:42:00 +0200
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There's some update:

* interface.c was cleaned up
* no more tools.c
* languages.c is now refactored, this includes the languages menu from which you can choose the syntax highlighting is now there again. there are still some bugs though, which are difficult to fix since the bugs are happening asynchronously and are therefore difficult to catch.

the cool new feature about the language selector is: that there are now radio buttons (so you always can see which language you selected; it's the active one ^^) and they change when you open a file that was written in another language, but this is the part that is still a little bit buggy, but i try to work on it.

have fun with the new interface ^^


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