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[Beaver-devel] Command line args and website

From: Double 12
Subject: [Beaver-devel] Command line args and website
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 15:21:39 +0200
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I changed the file selection dialog in the API, we migrated from GtkFileSelection to GtkFileChooserDialog. This results in a fancier dialog. ^^

I thought the issue with command line arguments was fixed, but I noticed that filenames given to Beaver are still not opened.

And...I started work on a new Beaver website (the new/ folder on the website CVS). It should be a low-maintenance site, unlike the current one, where you have to change every page just to change a small detail. That's why the new site will probably have just three pages (Home, Plugins and Download). All information about Beaver, including screenshots and author credits, will be on the Home page. Information about plugins, a list of all the available plugins and a link to the documentation goes on the Plugins page. The Downloads page is pretty self-explanatory.

Greets, Double 12

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