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[Billiards-users] [ANN] Billiards 0.4 is out

From: Dimitris Papavasiliou
Subject: [Billiards-users] [ANN] Billiards 0.4 is out
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 19:52:28 +0200


Billiards 0.4 has been released skipping version 0.3.1.  Except for
the experimentation mode which announced back then there's also:

* A proper GUI.  Well it's the same GUI we had before but now
Billiards uses Techne's very own browser and also starts by showing up
the GUI by default.  This probably integrates better with GNOME/KDE
menus and pisses off anyone who wants to start a game with less than 3
mouse clicks.
* Saving/replaying of shots and games.  Techne has finally become
deterministic so replaying or saving a shot was just a matter of
saving and replaying initial conditions.
* A manual page explaining some of those command-line options you
always wanted to know about.

Finally a couple of bugs causing slowdowns and freezes were fixed and
the game should be quite a bit more stable and faster now.


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