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[BLUG] Potential program point for BLUG 16th Birthday Party: Install fil

From: Agrachina IT
Subject: [BLUG] Potential program point for BLUG 16th Birthday Party: Install file & backup solution on two SoC ARM boards
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 16:25:31 +0800
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Hello fellow BLUGers,

For the upcoming celebration of 16 years BLUG I suggest to bring along two SoC ARM boards and storage which in a collaborative effort we could configure to become a comprehensive file & backup solution.

At the end of the other presentations I could briefly introduce the hardware, its supported Linux distributions and the targeted use-case / solution. Those interested in the topic then can join the efforts.

Would such an SoC ARM board session be of interest for the 16th Birthday Party (Mid-December. Which date exactly?)?

Do you find the suggested file & backup use-case interesting and relevant for both BLUG veterans and newbies?

Any other use-cases you want us to consider?

What other program points are planned to which such a SoC ARM board session could connect with?


- 2x FriendlyARM NanoPC-T4, CPU RK3399, 4 GB Ram, 16 GB eMMC

- 2x 7inch eDP LCD Display with Cap-Touch

These 2 SoC's and LCD's are kindly provided by the Guangzhou-based producer FriendlyARM. We can also use them during future BLUG meetups.

Additionally I'll bring along an M.2 eNVM SSD, an USB3 disk, an USB keyboard, an ethernet switch and three cables.

Configuration - File & Backup use-case

Server 1 - File + Media:

- OpenMediaVault NAS on btrfs

- NextCloud for web & mobile access 

- OSMC / LibreELEC for media server (e.g. serving KODI)

- Syncthing for folder syncing

- Storage: 256 GB M.2 eNVM SSD

- Optional: Containerise (LXD and/or Docker)

Server 2 - Backup + DR:

- BackupPC for Backup

- Clonezilla for DR (disaster recovery)

- Storage: 2 TB USB3 disk (M.2 eNVM SSD too expensive, a conventional SSD doesn't fit because of the NanoPC-T4's missing SATA port. Last but not least is top-speed less relevant for backup and having its disk removable can itself be an advantage as well, especially if it was in a multi-tier nearline-storage configuration)

Both Servers:

- As operating system does FriendlyARM provide the Linux distribution FriendlyCore 18.04 64-bit + Qt5 (probably based on Ubuntu Core 18.04 LTS without GUI)

- To be installed on the SoC board's internal 16 GB eMMC

What do you think?

Best regards,




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