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[Bouquins-dev] Your Urgent Contact.

From: Mrs. maryann Jacob
Subject: [Bouquins-dev] Your Urgent Contact.
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 09:58:36 +1000
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Dear Sir/Madam,
         I am Mrs. Maryann Jacob.
 Am working with a Security company here in Amsterdam the Netherlands 
(Holland) as vault's inspector, few weeks ago, while taking inventories 
of the items in our vault, to my surprise I came across a metallic box 
which had been left there for a long period of time. I was able to open 
the box only to discover that the box contained hundred bills of United 
States Dollars which amount to 15 million USD as being indicated on the 
certificate of ownership that I saw inside the box. Right now as I am 
writing to you, the said box is still in the vault unclaimed.
As at this moment, I am the only one who knows about the content of 
this box, as the box was originally deposited with the company as a none 
inspected consignment containing family valuables, 
I humbly seek your assistance for the claim of this box as the owner; 
please do let me know if you are willing for this proposal, so that I 
will immediately make the change of the ownership to your name before the 
onward claims.
Our sharing ratio will be 60/40, I want to assure you that this 
transaction is risk free and I would like you to keep everything
until we succeeded in bringing the box out. For more inquiries feel 
free to ask, via email;address@hidden Please always
 bear in mind that this suggestion is free from risk, and 
I have been making effort to see that my dream comes true.
Hoping to hearing from you soon, for security reasons, until we 
establish the trust and work with one accord because that is where I put
my life hope to become a public figure, I believe, that was the way God 
wanted to change my life after years of suffering with the company.
Remain bless, till I hear from you.
Mrs. Maryann Jacob.

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