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From: UNDP Loan Grant
Subject: [Bouquins-dev] UNDP DEVELOPEMENT FUNDS
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 02:10:36 -1000

                                  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

You could be chosen for this ultimate Opportunity.

My name is Mr. BERNARD ADAMS, I am resident in Central London in Great
I am a sales and account manager in a financial consultancy firm here in
My Company is mandated to source for reliable investors in the World over
to invest 
available funds in any profitable business ventures. This is why I am
making this urgent 
contact with you and your associate.

These funds are made available by the United National Development Project
and the pool is close to half a billion US dollars through international
task force committee, 
based on your business proposal which has to go through ractification. We
would determine 
a suitable amount to remit to you to kick off the business you intend to
invest in. you will manage 
the amount in any of your business chosen without interference for a period
of three years, after which, 
the profit on investment will be shared after taxation.

The investment areas is not limited and may include new businesses or
injection of funds into an 
existing firm that, of course, is profit oriented. Bearing in mind that you
are not authorized to invest 
in public companies or Government agencies. 

You can incorporate a firm fully owned by you based on the laws of the
Country you wish to invest the Loan or invest this money 
in a private company as a share holder. You can equally trade stock or
export and import goods as may 
be profitable. Fresh funds may also be approved to enlarge the business if
the prospects are good.

All these are without any liability to you as a risk that the fund owners
and the organisation are ready to take. You will be 
required to meet with us to finalize arrangements on how to move the agreed
funds into your account 
and sign related documents that will authorize you to manage this money on
our behalf. A draft agreement 
will be forwarded to you to enable us fine tune all gray areas and ensure a
smooth take off.

Please, reply to this letter to through our email address provided and we
will forward more info
rmation to you. All we need is to ascertain your credibility,
resourcefulness and experience. 
Kindly reply to address@hidden, address@hidden,
or fax to us to our screening and coordinating processing center in the
Netherlands over your consideration and interest at + 31 - 847 593 888.

I earnestly await your urgent response! (Best Regards).

Bernard Adams  (For the Organization).

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