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[Bouquins-dev] My dear, musk parrot

From: Sung Zapata
Subject: [Bouquins-dev] My dear, musk parrot
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 12:11:59 -0000

BBC News report - everyone is talking about.
# Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
# MAINTAIN your weight loss
# Look your best during the summer months
And more..

Regards, Dr. Zapata

reasons that a gull's life is so short,  and  with  these  gone  from  his
13.3" WXGA (1280x800) XBRITE screen

Upon first removing the D420 from its packaging, I immediately felt the D420's 
sturdy build quality. Compared to previous notebooks I have handled including 
the HP DV1000, the D420 feels far more robust, rigid, and solid. The steel 
screen hinges provide firm movement, and the magnesium-alloy casing provides 
resilient protection while avoiding unnecessary creaking. Moreover, the lid 
seems well reinforced, with pressure on the back of the lid not causing the LCD 
screen to become distorted on the other side. Finally, Dell's implementation of 
its StrikeZone technology in the D420 is worth mentioning, since it provides 
added protection to the hard drive in case of an accidental drop or fall. The 
only possible improvement I could suggest for enhancing the D420's build would 
be to replace the steel lid-latch with the magnetic variety, although this is 
nitpicky at best.

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