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[Bug-aris] Roadmap to 2.0

From: Ian D
Subject: [Bug-aris] Roadmap to 2.0
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 20:08:08 -0400


    Here are the thoughts I've got for Aris 2.0:

      * Ability to print out proofs.

      * Ability to import proofs - what this will involve is importing
       the premises of the imported proof, ignoring repeats, then
       importing the conclusions, automatically selecting the premises
       as references.

      * Modifying the file format, specifically shortening the element
        tags.  The new tags are already in aio.h

      * The grade flag:

        - reading in a grade file, which will be plain text, and will
          consist of a goal, and a sequence of rules.

        - The rest will be similar to what is already in aris.c

        - I'm not sure what the output will be yet, but it will most
          likely be a report of some kind.  Possibly the error outputs
          if the proof didn't evaluate properly, etc.

      * Grade Submission - a dialog to insert the homework number, the
        user's email, and an optional instructor's email.  Aris'
        original purpose was as an educational tool, so I'd like this to
        be implemented.

    Of course, bug fixes will also need to be done.  All of these are up
    for discussion, although I believe that all of these are important.
    If I think of any other features, I will submit them to the mailing

Ian D

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