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[Bug-aris] GNU Aris 2.0 Released

From: Ian D
Subject: [Bug-aris] GNU Aris 2.0 Released
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 05:40:15 -0400

Attention All:

          GNU Aris 2.0 has been released!  The details are as follows:

          The tarballs are available here:


          and the Windows version is available here:


          Changes in version 2.0:

            * Added customization dialog.

            * Reinstated grading flag.

            * Internal representation of connectives now CLI connectives.

            * Connectives represented externally with pixbufs.

            * Submission option.

            * Lemma file names added to rules menu.

            * Loads the manual from the web if it isn't found offline.

Your fearless leader,
  Ian D

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