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[Bug-aris] Installation on osx? Documentation? Should I really have to h

From: DeBopper \(Doug\)
Subject: [Bug-aris] Installation on osx? Documentation? Should I really have to hack to get your software to work?
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 12:27:44 -0700 (PDT)


Your Aris page needs better documentation.

The Aris page doesn't clearly document whether Aris will or won't install on OSX.  

The Aris page doesn't document clearly (or at all) whether there are binaries for OSX.  Binaries would be helpful, because many of us don't want to diddle with makefiles, config files, and the inordinately complex gnu environment just to test some symbolic logic!

This points to a general problem with GNU:  Gnu installations are too complex, requiring inordinate hacking to get things to work. Gnu should make installation seamless, so that it doesn't require days of reading manuals, locating missing files, and hacking to get something to work.  Otherwise, free software is neither free, nor useful.  

By analogy, the GNU distribution of a shoe is:  a piece of uncut canvas, strands of thread with which to make laces, a hunk of rubber for the sole, some gauze for an insole, a needle and some thread, and some nuts, bolts, and gears with which to assemble the machine to make the shoe.  The machine and shoe assembly directions are or are not located somewhere on the web, maybe in stack exchange. Although it would be a learning experience to put it all together, if I needed to get somewhere, that would be kind of a useless shoe, no?



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