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[Bug-aris] GNU Aris 2.2 Released

From: Ian D
Subject: [Bug-aris] GNU Aris 2.2 Released
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2014 19:59:04 -0500
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My fellow Hackers,

    GNU Aris 2.2 has been released!

    The tarballs are available here:


    and the Windows version is available here:


    New in 2.2

        * Added undo/redo functionality.

        * Fixed up a lot of bugs in copy/cut/paste.

        * Fixed up several bugs in configuration file loading.

        * Added support for comments.

        * Added LaTeX export option.

        * Changed default colors for sentences and references.

        * Updated to GTK+ 3.

        * Fixed up several processing bugs.

        * Fixed up compilation bugs.

        * Added example proofs.

    To anyone actually following this mailing list, it would be great if
    people could test it.  It should build on most GNU/Linux system
    now.  I tested the build and run on the following Operating Systems:

        * Parabola (my own system)
        * Debian (my backup system / server)
        * Fedora
        * Arch Linux
        * Trisquel (the 'compilation bug' in the release notes)

    It will not, however, build on gNewSense.  Unfortunately, gNewSense
    does not have GTK3 libraries in its package manager.  I'm sure that
    they are working on this, however.

Happy Hacking,
Ian D

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