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Re: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: Re: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 15:02:44 -0400
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    KZ> From: Kovács Zoltán
    KZ> To: address@hidden
    KZ> Subject: Re: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10
    KZ> Flags: seen, attach, list
    KZ> Date: 2018-10-11T03:24:18-0400
    KZ> Maildir: /GNU/inbox
    KZ> List: bug-aris.gnu.org
    KZ> Attachments: [1]image.png(17.7K)

    KZ> Hi again,

    KZ> in the meantime I managed to learn a few more things about Aris. Now I
    KZ> know that copy-paste works with Shift-Del and Shift-Insert, that's
    KZ> OK. :-) Also I managed to make a fork (a copy) of Aris at
    KZ> https://github.com/kovzol/aris and added some support for compilation
    KZ> with cmake. Now aris successfully compiles on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and
    KZ> Windows 10/MSYS2 64 bit.

    KZ> I still have some problems on Windows: Aris runs nicely when I start it
    KZ> from CLion (the reason I added cmake support was that CLion works with
    KZ> cmake), but has the same problem when I run the executable outside
    KZ> CLion. I am not an expert of cmake, so I may need to play a bit to
    KZ> collect the required .dll files and ship them together with the
    KZ> .exe. Also, I found a way to avoid crash when opening/saving a file:
    KZ> but the file is still not loaded properly with this fix (I get an empty
    KZ> document). Anyway, this seems to be an issue that could be fixed
    KZ> hopefully quickly.

    KZ> On the other hand, the icons are also missing when I run aris.exe
    KZ> outside CLion. I'll search for a fix here also.

    KZ> The freshly built aris.exe looks nice, it is very similar to the Linux
    KZ> version. Maybe the main window should be a few pixels wider to avoid
    KZ> overlapping of the right column of the rules by the slider:

    KZ> [image: image.png]

    KZ> This is a problem on both platforms (here I attached the screenshot of
    KZ> the Linux version).

    KZ> Best, Zoltan

Thanks for reporting this, and thanks for taking time to work on it.

I found the source of the original bug you reported.  I'll push a new release 
with the fix, when I get the chance, within the next week.

As for your other mods, I can take a look, but I have little time to maintain 
Aris as it is.  I'm grateful that you're doing work on it, but I can't maintain 
an additional build system, and I have no desire to move away from GNU 
Autotools at this time.

Ian Dunn

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