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Re: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10

From: Kovács Zoltán
Subject: Re: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 11:41:35 +0200

Hi Ian, thanks for your kind reply!

Thanks for reporting this, and thanks for taking time to work on it.

It is my pleasure. :-)
I found the source of the original bug you reported.  I'll push a new release with the fix, when I get the chance, within the next week.

As for your other mods, I can take a look, but I have little time to maintain Aris as it is.  I'm grateful that you're doing work on it, but I can't maintain an additional build system, and I have no desire to move away from GNU Autotools at this time.

No problem. I can take care of this (to maintain both build systems, no problem), at least in my fork.

In the meantime I fixed another problem:

Also, it seems that not all UTF8 characters are allowed in the formulas. This can be a problem when writing comments in different languages than English.

Copy-paste with Shift-Delete and Shift-Insert works unless you have special characters in the copied text. Of course, Ctrl-G and Ctrl-I works as announced.

Best regards,

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