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Re: patch suggestions

From: Juan Lasca
Subject: Re: patch suggestions
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 16:19:14 -0300

Hi Zoltán

> Which git repository did you use as your starting point?
I've used this git repo:

Applies to the latest commit by Ian Dunn (2017-09-30).
As I mentioned, it mostly fixes some resource allocations issues that
are somehow harmless, since typical aris executions are relatively
short-lived, memory / resource allocations are not that big as to
cause any serious problem or perceivable stability issues (as I was
able to see), and virtual memory is reclaimed by the operating system
upon process termination, at least on gnu/linux and *bsd. I'm not
quite sure if that would be the case on windows nt.
As for the icons, they're only another humble suggestion.

> Thanks, Juan! I incorporated your changes to my fork:
> https://github.com/kovzol/aris/commit/c38811f9bb7745fa306582c9db48108328317eae
> https://github.com/kovzol/aris/commit/ec4ffdac733ef20a9925ed41f0217291676b3853
I'm glad to see that you found them useful!

Best regards,

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