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bug#68165: automake-1.16j on Solaris 11

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: bug#68165: automake-1.16j on Solaris 11
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023 16:25:20 +0100

With the '$LEX --version' hang fixed, I get the attached log, with the
following failures:

$ grep ^FAIL: test-suite.log
FAIL: t/cond35
FAIL: t/fn99subdir
FAIL: t/gettext-external-pr338
FAIL: t/lex3
FAIL: t/lex5
FAIL: t/lexvpath
FAIL: t/lex-lib
FAIL: t/lex-lib-external
FAIL: t/lex-libobj
FAIL: t/lex-clean-cxx
FAIL: t/lex-clean
FAIL: t/lex-depend-cxx
FAIL: t/lex-depend
FAIL: t/lex-line
FAIL: t/lex-nodist
FAIL: t/lex-pr204
FAIL: t/test-driver-cond
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 3 - not is_newest a b
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 9 - not is_newest u v
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 11 - not is_newest u y
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 13 - not is_newest x v
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 15 - not is_newest x y
FAIL: t/self-check-is_newest.tap 17 - not is_newest x x/foo
FAIL: t/silent-lex
FAIL: t/subpkg
FAIL: t/subpkg2
FAIL: t/subpkg3
FAIL: t/subpkg-yacc

You can ignore:
  - The failure of t/gettext-external-pr338 because I have an unreleased
    version of gettext on that machine, which has a dysfunctional 'autopoint'
  - The failures of *lex*, because that old version of 'lex' is not worth
  - The failures of subpkg*, because Solaris 'make' makes wrong variable
    substitutions in VPATH builds (well-known).


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