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DDD bug?

From: Guzzetti Marco
Subject: DDD bug?
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 19:41:13 +0200

I've downloaded and compiled the DDD source on a Red Hat 6.0
Linux i686 with success, using LessTif 0.92.32 (which was
compiled and installed correctly).

When I launch the program (./ddd in /usr/local/bin) I have the
following error: library libXm.so.2 not found. This library is
correctly installed in /usr/local/lib (with a link to the LessTif
Motive2.0 directory). 
Even if I specify the path with --enable-rpath, ddd shows the
same error.

Can you suggest me something?

Thank you

Marco Guzzetti

 Hardware & Software Engineering                             
 Tel. +39.0331.376568                       Fax +39.0331.379549      
 e-mail: address@hidden            Web: www.mg-eng.com

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