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3D Dental Gift Set Buy 2 Get 3

From: Joseph Ventura D . C .
Subject: 3D Dental Gift Set Buy 2 Get 3
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:27:41 -0600

(((((New and Unique Dental Gift Sets))))
http://www.3danatomy.com/dental_gift_sets.htm to view how cool this gift set 
is. And, it's only available from VenturaDesigns, the leader in 3D anatomy art.

((((Perfect Gift for Staff and Friends)))))

It's not Plastic. It's Not Ordinary Glass

It's AnatomyGlass! The Clear Expression of Your Profession.

(((((And the Intro Price Is Only $99))))))

Each AnatomyGlass is made from a solid block of optically pure, presentation 
quality,  crystal.

Here's what you get

 Three root molar, laser etched inside a 3"x1.75"x1.75" block of crystal. 
is 1.2 lbs. With or Without the initials "D.D.S" etched inside.
 Three root molar, laser etched in a smaller, keychain-sized crystal block. 
length is 4", weight 1.2 oz. With or Without the initials "D.D.S" etched inside.

  Combination padded presentation box/stand

You can order with or without "D.D.S." etched in glass

Visit http://www.anatomyglass.com to order now.

(((((((((((((((Special Christmas Store Offer:))))))))))))))

Special Bonus: We can even divide your order into four easy payments. If you 
would like the monthly payment option. . .

Send a fax to VenturaDesigns at (208) 545-8820. 

Tell us how many Sets of Dental AnatomyGlass you require (Do not include the 
free sets in your requirements, they will be sent automatically). 

Tell us how many sets you require with/without DDS initials. 

Send your shipping and credit card details 

First payment, plus $20 S/H will be processed immediately, followed by another 
payment each billing cycle. 

EXAMPLE: If you order two sets, we will ship you three sets of your choice. 
of the order would be $220. We will initially bill your credit card for $$70 
($50 payment and $20 S/H), and then bill $50 for the following 3 billing 

Remember, for each Two AnatomyGlass sets ordered, we will send Three Sets.

AnatomyGlass, "The Clear Expression of Your Profession ", only from 

Joseph Ventura D.C.
VenturaDesigns, since 1992

http://www.posturepro.com for the ultimate in practice growth tools
http://www.sitebuilder.chirosite.com for the ultimate in web site design
http://www.3danatomy.com for exciting computer and web based anatomy teaching 
http://www.anatomyglass.com for AnatomyGlass fine anatomical glass collectables

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