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ddd-3.3.8. An issue and an offer.

From: Dmitri Dmitrienko
Subject: ddd-3.3.8. An issue and an offer.
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 05:01:49 +0300

What I have found is not actually a bug, but rather a packaging/misconfiguration issue.
The latest package ddd-3.3.8 misses two important files ddd/lextoC.flex and ddd/lextoC.sun
Whithout them supplied script lextoC CAN NEVER work and can not produce appropriate rxscan.C from rxscan.L
I tested the files shipped with ddd-3.3.1 and they appear to work in 3.3.8.
Hope it helps.
Also, I want to make some additions to ddd.
In the past,  I made it possible to work in DDD with my php debugger dbg. Appropiate patch for ddd-3.3.1 is available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbg2
since 2001. Few days ago I finished patch for ddd-3.3.8 and I want it to be merged in to the ddd sources. Would you accept it ?
Best regards,
Dmitri Dmitrienko.

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