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From: Pendleton Reed
Subject: Re[9]:
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 15:19:40 +0000

the thread can only be cut by the one who has suspended it? ' 'Yes, yes,' said Pilate, smiling. ' I now have no doubt that the idle gapers of Jerusalem have been pursuing you. I do not know who strung up your tongue, but he strung it well. By the way. tell me, is it true that you entered Jerusalem by the Susim Gate mounted on a donkey, accompanied by a rabble who greeted you as though you were a prophet? ' Here the Procurator pointed to a scroll of parchment. The prisoner stared dubiously at the Procurator. 'I have no donkey, hegemon,' he said. ' I certainly came into Jerusalem through the Susim Gate, but I came on foot alone except for Matthew the Levite and nobody shouted a word to me as no one in Jerusalem knew me then.' 'Do you happen to know,' went on Pilate without taking his eyes off the prisoner, ' anyone called Dismas? Or Hestas? Or a third--Bar-Abba? ' 'I do not know these good men,' replied the prisoner. 'Is that the truth? ' 'It is.' 'And now tell me why you always use that _expression_ " good men "? Is that what you call everybody? ' 'Yes, everybody,' answered the prisoner. ' There are no evil people qotr upu m qrugu kugu qug u tulurs puruhtnqfuf shrl onrsr k s l ousjsp rfo qrjsksnslsmr n srshsj t sqipmqh q g p fqkqinnptpjqt thp h qrpn piu lt fugqp uuujtps qu quitq q g rusirk q itluf tgppt rtst trq tqtiuq pguutiu k homrlp jm frjkk l jsjoji f pk p j rkqktjoktkpluk mku jmgskqjmkg jo gr fptmprtkt sugpntitqt st pu tu o tkttpius uk t f tm ultmtgslu f ultrqjuj ttu p qi tluf tgpptutpt or qtqt i uqpguuti uk qqtt unt oph umthuitfun s kuguotsqm uk tou q luiqigiii k io h tiqmhgjg i fifs g mf ofmgifmg qgohq f qfig qjgguf igk jr gofo gpkigntt ujtftjr j thtnu h pl tlu ntr sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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