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From: Kester Konieczny
Subject: Re: PHARMACpxdY
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:01:48 -0400

A u M c B b I x E i N w
V v A t L q I g U s M x
X v A r N l A k X z
C w I w A y L o I a S g
V y I f A n G w R d A u
S h O d M f A h
M g E k R o I q D h I u A s
For Gods sake, why? To let whoever killed him think hes off the hook, and, more important, to see who shows up during the next week or so. At the funeral? No, thats a closed family affair, no guests, no formal ceremony. Then whos going to show up where?

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