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various probelms with mailinglist && iconv

From: Marc Lehmann
Subject: various probelms with mailinglist && iconv
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 03:02:58 +0100

I reported an iconv-related bug last month using the glibcbug program. I
tried to find out qether the report got any responses so far but the gnats
web-interface seems to be not working (any query I start returns with "no
responses found").

A search with geocrawler found that Ben Hochstadter
reported the very same bug on 2000-11-20:


But I couldn't find my bugreport anywhere, so I asusme it was lost. Ben
Hochstadters analysis was correct and the fix seems also correct, but
Andreas replied by quoting some (irrelevant) portion of SuSv2:


And this seemed to be the end of it. However, even IF the solaris manpage
does not "define" the correct behaviour (this is a matter of political
believes not some universal fact), it is in full concordance with SuSv2
(UNIX98), in full concordance to the linux manpage and in full concordance
with the glibc texinfo documentation and also existing implementations
EXCEPT glibc, which returns EILSEQ and stops conversion.

As I detailed in my (probably lost) bugreport this is a very annoying
bug that keeps a lot of programs (vim, perl) from functioning correctly
under glibc, and a workaround is not, in general, possible, aking iconv
relatively useless for many important applications (like automatic
character set conversion ;).

Regarding reporting bugs: is the gnats interface supposed to not work,
is this list the right place to report bugs in glibc and is glibcbug
up-to-date (I used the one from glibc-2.1.3).

Thanks a lot, please do not ignore this bug ... ;)

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