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question to crash in chunk_free....

From: Michael Schick
Subject: question to crash in chunk_free....
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 15:55:12 +0100


we are using gcc2.95.2, glibc2.1.3-15 under redhat6.2 on PentiumIII (800

I have the following crash occuring in one of our applications, when the
machine is loaded.

__buildin_vec_delete() at new2.cc:62
__libc_free() at malloc.c:3023
chunk_free() at malloc.c:3097

I have linked my application with the option -lmcheck in order to see if
I have deleted a memory pointer twice or overwrote
some memory, but when running my application being linked with this
option the error does not happen at all.

I then enabled malloc tracing using MALLOC_CHECK_ with value of 1 and
similuar no crash or error is reported.

The same code has been purified under Sun Solaris2.6 and no memory error
or leaks are reported.

I there any know problem about this or do you have an advise how I could
track down this problem.

best regards,


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