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Re: Bug in dirname(3)

From: Michael Kerrisk
Subject: Re: Bug in dirname(3)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:40:54 +0100


>  > /* t_dirname.c 
>  >    Copyright Michael Kerrisk,  Sep 00  
> Sorry, we can't use that - you have to allow us to use it in glibc and put
> it under the GPL.

Yes of course, sorry about that - please put it under GPL, and feel free 
to use in glibc.  For what it's worth I've attached a revised version of 
the program which includes a notice to that effect.


Michael Kerrisk
mailto: address@hidden

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    to love them is to enter into it.

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   ---- File information -----------
     File:  t_dirname.c
     Date:  13 Dec 2000, 9:31
     Size:  4734 bytes.
     Type:  Program-source

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