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small fixes to headers for non-__GCC__ compilers.

From: Mike McCabe
Subject: small fixes to headers for non-__GCC__ compilers.
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 15:54:39 -0800

(Using egcs-2-91.66, glibc-2.1.92-14; please point me properly or forward if
this belongs elsewhere.)

Looks like the gcc header files are slightly incorrect for non- __GCC__

I compiled and ran lcc on a simple program that used stdio.h, and
encountered the following problems:

malloc.h:79 and sys/cdefs.h:54 both need #define __THROW <nothing> in the
non-__GCC__ clause.
gconv.h:172 - need to make use of gcc zero-length array extension #ifdef

Thanks - I'll reply to this message if I find more similar problems.


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