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Re: segfault attempting to compile 2.2.1

From: Andreas Jaeger
Subject: Re: segfault attempting to compile 2.2.1
Date: 14 Jan 2001 12:04:25 +0100
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>>>>> David Ford writes:

 > Hi, I'm having a problem trying to build 2.2.1.  Using GCC 2.95.2
 > release, I get a segfault in the sunrpc directory:

 >      make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/glibc-2.2.1/sunrpc'
 >      gcc -nostdlib -nostartfiles -o rpcgen
 >      -Wl,-dynamic-linker=/lib/ld-linux.so.2   ../csu/crt1.o
 >      ../csu/crti.o `gcc --print-file-name=crtbegin.o` rpc_main.o
 >      rpc_hout.o rpc_cout.o rpc_parse.o rpc_scan.o rpc_util.o
 >      rpc_svcout.o rpc_clntout.o rpc_tblout.o rpc_sample.o
 > -Wl,-rpath-link=..:../math:../elf:../dlfcn:../nss:../nis:../rt:../resolv:../crypt:../linuxthreads
 >      ../libc.so.6 ../libc_nonshared.a -lgcc `gcc
 >      --print-file-name=crtend.o` ../csu/crtn.o
 >      ../libc.so.6: undefined reference to `__builtin_expect'

What's the output of configure?  Configure should notice that you
don't have __builtin_expect.  Or did you change the compilers in

 > # cat configparms
 > slibdir=/lib
 > sysconfdir=/etc

That's not needed, read the FAQ.

 > # grep "./configure" config.status
 > # ./configure  --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix= --enable-add-ons
 >     echo "running ${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} ./configure  --prefix=/usr
 > --exec-prefix= --enable-add-ons --no-create --no-recursion"
You don't need to pass exec-prefix.

 > A side note, the web interface to gnats requires a login to browse, it
 > appears that only developers or members are allowed to review the bugs.
Use guest/guest,

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs address@hidden
   private address@hidden

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