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Re: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!

From: Chiaki Ishikawa
Subject: Re: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 02:44:08 +0900 (JST)

X-PMC-CI-e-mail-id: 14475 

Hi Martin,

I have learnt that the syadmins at gnu.org are overburdened from
an early e-mail from Joel.

So I took it up to send a warning letter to the originating ISP
based on the IP address recorded by the MTA at fencepost.gnu.org.

I think I sent such warning e-mails three times.
I just sent one about 10 minutes ago.

However, I am not sure how ISPs react to complaint from
the end receiver of a mailing list
because they have no way of knowing how reliable the
IP address identification is.
(Joel told me that the headerline generated
by the MTA at fencpost.gnu.org is reliable, though.)

Let us hope this trojan will die out soon, but
unless all users switch to non-Windows 
platforms ... :-)

(The trojan seems to be the one called sysid
and propagate itself using the addresses
it finds in Outlook (Express?) address book.
It seems it is very widespread. 

Locally, on an e-mailing list of a dialup IP router that I use, 
about 5 people found themselves infected when the topic came up 
and the web pages of 
virus vendors were cited to check one's PC. I could not believe it
when the story unfolded. This is from about 2000+ subscribers of the
e-mail list.  I bet that more were actually infected and simply don't
know how to check the registry for the sign of infection, etc..
But, to think that one keeps on using the PC without realizing
that the PC is infected with trojan and occasionnaly sending out
trojan-laden e-mails? Surprise indeed.)

     Ishikawa, Chiaki        address@hidden  or         
 (family name, given name) address@hidden
    Personal Media Corp.      ** Remove .NoSpam at the end before use **     
  Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 142-0051

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