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backtrace_symbold_fd wrong

From: Mike Perry
Subject: backtrace_symbold_fd wrong
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 19:28:55 -0600
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I'm getting the wrong output from backtrace_symbols_fd on my RH7 box. I'm
using their stock glibc-2.2-12 RPM. The symbols being output seem to be the
last function that's called.. 

Perhaps the library is using sysdeps/generic/backtrace_symbols.c instead of
the elf one?

Attached is an example code snippett that causes the following output:

gdb will output the correct symbols..

(gdb) info line *0x804b0b4
Line 44 of "return_address.c" starts at address 0x804b0a6 <ret3+6>
   and ends at 0x804b0b7 <ret3+23>.

Mike Perry

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