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re: LINUX threads (simple) question

From: tassos chryssafis
Subject: re: LINUX threads (simple) question
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 14:21:21

Dear Sir,
Please accept my apologies if my message is not appropriate:
I somehow got your email address from the Web nad would be obliged if you could answer a basic question I have with threads:
I have happily installed REDHAT 6, on my laptop (Toshiba 2523), but when I tried to compile (gcc) some c code with threads, the compiler did not recognise and gave some messages including the word text....
I looked up the pthreads.h file and it refers all threads functions to a __P( args), similar to the clone fn from glibc...
what have I missed?


tassos chryssafis

PS I get the same response with MANDRAKE 7.2.... all these things can be very time-consuming when installing on a laptop

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