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iconv() prototype

From: Fumitoshi UKAI
Subject: iconv() prototype
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 02:01:27 +0900
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On address@hidden, Mr. Tajiri claims that iconv() prototype is 
wrong, it should be necessary to add const to inbuf.  That is, 
prototype of iconv() in iconv.h

 extern size_t iconv (iconv_t __cd, char **__restrict __inbuf,
                     size_t *__restrict __inbytesleft,
                     char **__restrict __outbuf,
                     size_t *__restrict __outbytesleft);

should be

 extern size_t iconv (iconv_t __cd, const char **__restrict __inbuf,
                     size_t *__restrict __inbytesleft,
                     char **__restrict __outbuf,
                     size_t *__restrict __outbytesleft);

As I checked `The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2' from The Open
Group, the latter is correct.  

Why does glibc declare as former?
Is there any reason for this?

Fumitoshi UKAI

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