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pthread_create failing under stress

From: Miguel Freitas
Subject: pthread_create failing under stress
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 23:13:59 -0300
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Hi folks,

I'm currently contributing some code to Xine, a gpl video player and a highly multithread application. We are facing a problem with pthread_create failure after doing a lot of play/stop commands.

I think we must have a bug in our code, not on glibc. Indeed i'd like to know what might cause pthread_create to fails with "Resource temporarily unavailable" error.

We always have about 7 threads running and 2 of them are being recreated by a stop/play. I checked with gdb and i'm sure these 2 threads are joined before the new ones are created (no thread "leakage").

So far no know limits from the FAQ like number of threads and stack size are being hit. Is there any other thing I should look for?
Any other form of leakage?


Miguel Freitas

BTW: currently using glibc 2.2.4 and gcc-2.96-97(RH).

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