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SOS :malign-align double problem with stream

From: Kolay, Pradipto (MED)
Subject: SOS :malign-align double problem with stream
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 11:04:25 -0500

I am working on porting a program from SGI to linux.
In doing so,I've had to compile it with malign-double flag to align
structures etc to go around the problem of events sent across
heterogenous enviroment(big endian/little endian) getting corrupt. This
in turn needs to link to libraries which may or may not be compiled with
this flag depending upon whether they are third party software.
The problem is -
a) Processes compiled with this flag are dumping core at any place where
there is a C++ stream operation.(gcc-2.96).Thses work fine without the
malign-double flag. Has anyone faced this problem ? If so, could you
please inform as to how you got around it? I understand I may need to
compile the compiler with the malign double flag. If someonne has dome
that can you keep me informed as to how to go about doing that coz I'm
kinda new to this.
b) Is it OK to have a program with some files compiled with this flag
and some without it ?

Thanking U in anticipation,
Pradipto Kolay

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