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Hi there

From: win win
Subject: Hi there
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 14:48:20 +0800 (CST)



     Happy holiday season my dearest partner,
    There is something I want you to understand. As I
hope you already know, my interest in
    offering you this Business is really secure to you
and me. Of course I do. But my profit comes
    with volume. The more money you make, the more
money I and $ecrets 2 $uccess make
    in the long run.This is another reason why I would
like you to believe me when I tell
    you that I truly want you to succeed! Please keep
this in mind. 
    Ok, I want to move on now to talk about a very
important subject:  
    I will provide you my detail of Banking Address
and Account Number that US$ deposit.

     I have been learnt. So I keep on mailing to you
until I satisfy your response.
    Dear friend, I will develope the relationship with
you and you must be trust me too.
    I have been learnt very very painfully in past so
that I may be so unfair to you if you are truth person
that really business partner.

    If you still interest with my business please
reply me urgently. I will give you Bank account by
within next week.

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