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Re: ru_RU locale bug?

From: Ulrich Drepper
Subject: Re: ru_RU locale bug?
Date: 01 May 2002 16:54:46 -0700

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 16:46, E.Rodichev wrote:

> Clearly, it is impossible to force the old functionality for old
> applications, available, for example, only as binaries. This is why
> I tell about *incompatibility* of new locale.

You obviously don't understand the slightest bit about these
internationalization issues (otherwise you wouldn't claim that binaries
are forced to use i18n functionality) so you should stop even trying to
argue.  Put LC_ALL=C in your environment and be happy.  Others who have
a clue will do something better but this isn't for you.  And now stop
polluting this list with your nonsense.

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