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3Gwireless'2002 & 4G Mobile Forum Kickoff

From: Chair of 3G02/Globecom03/VTC03
Subject: 3Gwireless'2002 & 4G Mobile Forum Kickoff
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 13:05:56 -0700

Dear colleagues:

The important 3Gwireless'2002 and 4Gmobile Forum kickoff are just weeks
to go. To get involved in the intensive technical discussions and
strategies on 3G/4G, please reserve your seat right now at:
http://wirelesscongress.com or http://delson.org/wc.

Welcome on board and secure your leadership in this emerging wireless

Thank you.

Office of Chairman

PS: Limited number of conference records are freely available to
government agencies, public library and wireless authorities. Contact
the conference for details.

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transmission for technical info only. Complete removal is automatic.
Thanks for your support for the promotion of education and research.]

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