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The Bitter Network Administrator

From: Doug Chick
Subject: The Bitter Network Administrator
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 21:53:25 -0400

The Network Administrator

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Feature Articles
Computer People Play a Duel Role that Serves Many Masters
Many of you probably don't think about it, but we sometimes have to work for the dark side of the net too, especially when jobs are scares and we have bills to pay. Who do you think harvests all the e-mail addresses for Spam and builds all the porn sites? You know who. 
by Doug Chick

Are you Among the Under Employed?
You can’t look anywhere on the Internet these days without seeing another article about how bad it is for the tech industry. I keep seeing things like, “Worst Unemployment Rate Since 1992” and “The stock which topped out at a high of $152.67 per share closed today at $1.97” and my personal favorite, “The high tech job industry doesn’t look to rebound until late 2003”. I don’t know about you, but I was hoping to make some money between now and late 2003. But don’t let the numbers fool you. 

by Ellen Chick

The Information Highway can only support so many Hitchhikers
Recently I did something I don't typically do; I e-mailed a website that offers ASP scripts, (free for the taking) thanking them for the use of their site. After all, I've gotten many a script from the site and thought this time I'd say thanks. Of course this isn't really my style to do such a thing and immediately I felt like a bit of a Nancy. It was almost like e-mailing all the record companies to all the MP3's one might have and saying, "Thanks for all the free music, Suckers!" Even though I do have specific reservations about record companies, See my article Filthy Middlemen, it still made me think that the Information Highway can only support so many hitchhikers before it closes down. 
by Doug Chick

The evolution of computer programs is a little like the evolution of dinosaurs from single celled organisms. With us playing the digital gods using programming and math as our digital DNA. Hmm DNA, math maybe there's a coincidence here. Those of you theologians who have a chosen not to learn of Darwinism or ignore it should probably stop reading now because your just going to get confused. Those of you who are from Kansas well, sorry.
by Joseph Ritchey

Will the old Middlemen find their way on the Internet?
The Information Highway is more than just the flow of information between two nodes; it’s an access point to information and merchandise that before required a middleman to facilitate--In fact, lots of middlemen. Direct sales are a huge advancement for companies that have in the past relied on third party vendors to sell their wares. All that is needed these days is an Internet Connection, packagers and an overnight delivery service. But which middlemen will feel the effect the most from the Internet? 
by Doug Chick

Software Companies need to remember that they were once Computer Geeks and not Day Traders

I need an operating system that will help me do my job better. I don’t need a software company ramming their latest financial investment down my throat. I’ve never before received so much e-mail, letters or phone calls from Microsoft and other bugware companies wanting to sell me their latest disaster before their quarterly report comes out. 

Do you think They are Reading your E-mail? 
End-users often ask me: "Doug, does anyone read my e-mail?" and I respond by saying. Of course we do. Why do you think we give you an account. It's a hell of a lot easier to track what you are doing then with the phone system. 
By Doug Chick

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