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regexp alloca patch for MS-VC(!) compiler

From: Hoehle, Joerg-Cyril
Subject: regexp alloca patch for MS-VC(!) compiler
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 16:18:17 +0200

Dear developers,

Please consider inclusion of the following patch that provides
alloca() support for GNU regexp when compiled with MS-VC.
The patch looks exactly the same for lots of other GNU Software
which also uses alloca(). It's always the same sequence
of #ifdef I've seen.

What's questioned here by me is the readiness of
LiGnux people to include support for a really proprietary and
non-UNIX compiler and system in what to me looks essentially
like UNIX Software. Am I worrying too much?

The thing is that GNU CLISP contains regexp as a module. However,
CLISP compiles on >30 systems, including non-UNIX ones. If the patch
were not included, possibly Sam Steingold, the current CLISP maintainer,
would have to distribute the patched version of regexp with CLISP
and not forget to re-patch in case a new regexp comes out and becomes
integrated. That would be a pain for CLISP maintainers.

gdiff -c3 ../../orig/ regex.c
*** ../../orig/regex.c  Wed Jul 22 22:22:47 1998
--- regex.c     Fri Mar 22 15:58:38 2002
*** 211,218 ****
--- 211,223 ----
  #include <alloca.h>
  #else /* not __GNUC__ or HAVE_ALLOCA_H */
+ #ifdef _MSC_VER /* Microsoft Visual C */
+ #include <malloc.h>
+ #define alloca _alloca
+ #else
  #ifndef _AIX /* Already did AIX, up at the top.  */
  char *alloca ();
+ #endif /* not MS-VC */
  #endif /* not _AIX */
  #endif /* not HAVE_ALLOCA_H */=20
  #endif /* not __GNUC__ */

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this topic.

Sam Steingold wrote:
>Joerg, please submit your patch to the glibc developers.

>I am pretty sure your patch will be accepted by the GLIBC people
>(especially if you accompany it with a standard ChangeLog entry).

2002-05-24 Joerg Hoehle <address@hidden>

        * regex.c: use alloca() with MS-VC

        Jorg Hohle.

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