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Incorrect stubs in glibc-sh4

From: Dimi Shahbaz
Subject: Incorrect stubs in glibc-sh4
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:10:19 -0700
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The story so far: I'm trying to write a clean script that builds a complete crossgcc toolchain (binutils, gcc3.0.4, and glibc2.2.5) from scratch. ( See http://www.dimator.org/~dimator/work/crossgcc/ )

One of the targets I want to support is SH4. The SH4 toolchain does build and install using the Niibe's patches. However, when trying to compile a test program with it, I always get the following warnings:

$ ./sh-linux-gcc ~/tmp/test.c -o new
./../lib/gcc-lib/sh-linux/3.0.4/../../../../sh-linux/lib/libc.a(longjmp.o): warning: longjmp is not implemented and will always fail ./../lib/gcc-lib/sh-linux/3.0.4/../../../../sh-linux/lib/libc.a(bsd-_setjmp.o): In function `_setjmp': bsd-_setjmp.o(.text+0x8): warning: __sigsetjmp is not implemented and will always fail

In glibc, it appears that 'longjmp' and '__sigsetjmp' are being treated as stubs on this platform. In sysdeps/generic/setjmp.c and sysdeps/generic/__longjmp.c are where they are being set as stubs (stub_warning (longjmp) and stub_warning (__sigsetjmp) respectively).

But these two functions *do* exist for this platform (see sysdeps/sh/sh4/__longjmp.S and sysdeps/sh/sh4/setjmp.S)!
Why aren't they enabled?  How can I get rid of those nasty warnings?


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