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outdigit again

From: Roozbeh Pournader
Subject: outdigit again
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 19:56:12 +0430 (IRST)

I was wondering about the 'outdigit' feature in glibc locales. Currently,
one can use "%Id" with printf, to print a decimal number in a localized
way (see 'man 3 printf'), which works nicely.

But how is this going to work with an application like 'ls'? If I want
'ls' to display localized numbers in the 'fa_IR' locale, should I patch
it, replacing the "%d"s with "%Id"s in the appropriate places?

If I look from the other way, there will be many cases when the
application doesn't use "%Id". In these cases, when the application
outputs a tounsands separated number using "%'d", or a floating point one,
glibc will use the Persian separators, which don't look good between
Latin digits.

In short, I need to specify two different thousands separators and two
different decimal separators in my locale definition: one for Latin
digits, and one for localized digits. The functionality is not there, so I 
need to design and add it myself. Any ideas or recommendations?


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