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Bug in linuxthreads ?

From: Michael O. Neary
Subject: Bug in linuxthreads ?
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:35:24 -0700


I was trying to pass a user-defined stack to pthread_create(), and it
didn't work. When I debugged the pthreads library, I stumbled upon the
following code in pthread.c:

int __pthread_create_2_0(pthread_t *thread, const pthread_attr_t *attr,
                         void * (*start_routine)(void *), void *arg)
  /* The ATTR attribute is not really of type `pthread_attr_t *'.  It
     the old size and access to the new members might crash the program.
     We convert the struct now.  */
  pthread_attr_t new_attr;

  if (attr != NULL)
      size_t ps = __getpagesize ();

      memcpy (&new_attr, attr,
              (size_t) &(((pthread_attr_t*)NULL)->__guardsize));
      new_attr.__guardsize = ps;

      new_attr.__stackaddr_set = 0;
      new_attr.__stackaddr = NULL;
      new_attr.__stacksize = STACK_SIZE - ps; 

      attr = &new_attr;
  return __pthread_create_2_1 (thread, attr, start_routine, arg);

As far as I can tell, this method overwrites anything a user supplies as
and stacksize. This means that user defined stacks don't work - is this
a bug, 
or is there a reason for it ? 

I am using glibc 2.2.5 and linuxthreads 2.2.5.


Michael O. Neary                      email: address@hidden
Eternal Systems, Inc.                 phone: (805)696-9051x235
5290 Overpass Road C/D                fax:   (805)696-9083
Santa Barbara, CA 93111, U.S.A.       http://www.eternal-systems.com

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