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Expleo Global inc

From: Raymond Chabot inc.
Subject: Expleo Global inc
Date: jeu., 20 juin 2002 18:01:39 -0400

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is one of Canada's largest accounting and management consulting firms.

We have been mandated to sell off the assets or the shares of Expleo Global inc.

Expleo Global is one of the first customer contact management centers to fully integrate the new Internet and-e-mail technologies. Its strategic decisions have enabled it to forge alliances with the largest technology corporations that are firmly rooted in the international market.

The quality of its management team, the professionalism of its Customer Support Representatives and its avant-garde technology enabled it to become, from its first day, a true showcase of the North American industry.

Expleo Global chose Montreal, Quebec, as the headquarters of its operations as a result of the city's strategic position in the development of e-Care related activities.

The technology infrastructure assist enterprises with their CRM strategies, whatever the channel used by their customers: telephone, Internet, fax and, soon, video.

It includes the following assets:

  • Office situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Location: Downtown Montreal close to Chinatown, 5 minutes away from 2 Metro line
  • Dimensions: 24,100 square/feets
  • 142 workstations (agents and supervisors):
    • 4 supervisors' stations, with HP monitors and Internet access
    • 76 operational agents' stations, with HP monitors and Internet access
    • 11 fully equipped training stations (possibility of 26)
    • 50 stations licensed for Inbound Projects (EIC)
    • 30 stations licensed for Outbound Projects (EIC)
    • 40 Administrators' licences (EIC)
  • 11 closed administration offices (fully equipped with Internet access)
  • 2 server rooms
  • 2 training rooms
  • 1 equipped cafeteria
  • 1 furnished reception
  • Loading dock access

Most member of the management team are available for hiring.

For more information, click on this link: Expleo Global inc.

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Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
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