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Call for Submission of 2003 World Wireless Congress (3Gwireless'2003)

From: 3Gwireless'2003
Subject: Call for Submission of 2003 World Wireless Congress (3Gwireless'2003)
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 12:17:59 -0700

[Sorry for multiple copies of this message. Thanks for your support in
promotion of education, research, development and business of emerging
wireless communications]

Dear Fellow Wireless Colleagues:

2002 World Wireless Congress (WWC02) - the official framework of
3Gwireless'2002 has been extremely successful and productive. To
continue this great effort and expect much more authoritative in the
next year, the 2003 World Wireless Congress (WWC03) will be a very big
bang in helping set the standard of performance, innovation and quality
of emerging wireless communications focusing on 3G and 4G mobile
technologies and business.

WWC'03 will continue to be the best global platform of industry-driven,
academia-enriched, development-oriented and business-targeted, and
demand very high standard of technical leadership as well as
professional excellence.

The Call-for-Submission (including technical papers, tutorials, industry
forums, panels, etc) is available now at the congress website. The
submission will be very busy in the coming months, and the space is very
limited. Please act ASAP to submit your leadership and innovation as per
the guidelines listed in the web.

The website of 2003 World Wireless Congress (3Gwireless'2003) is at:
http://wirelesscongress.com or http://3gwireless.com

The very successful story of 2002 World Wireless Congress
(3Gwireless'2002) is at:

This congress at news can be found at:

For sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact
For technical leadership issues, please contact the chair at:

Thank you for your time in advance.

With best wishes!

Office of
2003 World Wireless Congress
http://wirelesscongress.com or http://3gwireless.com

[This is only one-time educational message. Thanks for your support.]

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