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dlopen() problem!!

From: Rainbow
Subject: dlopen() problem!!
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 11:57:10 +0530

Hi all,
      I am working on a program that uses dlopen() . The platform is Red Hat linux 7.1 (kernel 2.4.2-2) . I want to load a library libreadline.so , through dlopen() and call one of it's functions {readline()}. This library has some symbols (BC , PC , tputs ...) that are unresolved . When dlopen() is called to load this library it fails saying a symbol (BC) is undefined. These symbols are defined in a library libncurses.so . If I try to open this library through dlopen() first and then the library libreadline.so , then also , dlopen() fails. But if i make a program that uses a function{readline()} of libreadline.so and try to link it with both of these libraries through "  gcc program-name.c -lreadline -lncurses " it works fine. is it the problem of dlopen() and if possible is there a workaround for this problem.I want to load these libraries dynamically only. "
thanks in advance

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