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question about 2GB

From: Alexander V. Denisov
Subject: question about 2GB
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:50:16 +0600

I use mp4live program (http://www.mpeg4ip.net) and I can't  to make the
file  size more 2GB.

The gdb returns the message:
Program received signal SIGXFSZ, File size limit exceeded.
[Switching to Thread 8201 (LWP 7872)]
0x2b049974 in __libc_write () at __libc_write:-1
-1      __libc_write: No such file or directory.
        in __libc_write

The Problem does not disappear when I include macros _LARGEFILE_SOURCE.
Enabling the macros _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE and _OFFSETFILE64_BITS brings
about errors of compiling.
What  must I do to avoid this problem?
Where  can I find description as this is done?

My system is:
Kernel 2.4.18,  CPU Athlon 1800+ , the file system is e2fs v1.27 (LFS

Alexsander Denisov

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